Pronunciation (Voice & Phonetic)

Pronunciation (Voice & Phonetic)

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British and American English pronunciation with the voice and phonetic spelling

This is a simple but functional application that I made for personal use and I'm like to share it with you!

The application requires the internet connection but when you search a word, it stores and the internet connection is not required next time to use your data minimized.

Source: Oxford online dictionary

* You can use Leitner application that I made for save and remember words.


- IPA phonetic alphabet

- Ability to copy the text by clicking on its phonetics

- Storing searched words and caching played voices

- Force to online search for words by long click on search button

- Force to online play voice pronunciation by long click on the button of every accent

- Simple design and away from complexity with Material Design

- Can be installed in older devices with Android below version


* There are also other developers can use it to find the pronunciation of words in their program (Like Leitner application that I made). To do this, please contact me by email.

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