Phone tracking and SIM card inquiry

Phone tracking and SIM card inquiry

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With the help of this program and its tutorials, you will be able to track your missing or stolen phones in two ways without additional software and with software, and inquire about the exact number of your SIM cards (Android phones, iPhone, Windows Phone,)

● Maybe it's all for you, except for people who don't remember where you left your phone, or lost your flesh altogether, or you know what the range is, but the phone is silent and you can't find it by ringing and you have to move wherever possible. Well, look for it

● Or you are on the street or in a public place and your phone has been stolen and in addition to the phone, you are worried about your personal information being leaked and you are looking for a way to remotely format or position the phone's information. View your phone on the map

● Or do you have all the elderly or primary school children and teenagers and you are constantly worried about them coming and going ??

With the help of this program and very clear and visual and step-by-step tutorials, we will help you to be able to have the location tracking services, the required tracking programs available on the Internet, along with the training.

In this program, we have gathered all the authorized and legal ways, along with the required programs and their training, so that you dear ones can not use these services.

All the services that have been introduced and taught in this program that you can not use are as follows:

. Track stolen phone and view the places you have been to during different time periods

● iPhone product tracking section and its training (viewing location, deleting phone information, voicing Silent phone)

. Track Windows Phone products (delete information and view location) + video tutorial

. Tracking a stolen phone that has an Irancell operator's SIM card + video tutorial

● Tracking training through judicial review

. Track off Android phones with Google+ video tutorial

● How to remove the phone remotely

● Remove phone information remotely without any program

. Change phone password remotely

. Tracking and discovering phones found with the help of Hamayab 24+ training system

سام Track Samsung phones ‌ via Samsung's own method همراه with video tutorial

● All the training and solutions that are needed before stealing or losing a phone are considered in a specific section, such as: (Initial actions, key actions, the role of the phone series, important backup software, activating important parts of the phone The Android that will be needed later for tracking is security and security software

و We have considered your solutions and actions after the phone is stolen. What should you do after the phone is stolen or lost?

This software is licensed for publication by the Information Technology and Digital Media Development Organization No. 20119368.

Inquiry number of SIM cards:

■ In the SIM card inquiry section, you will be able to inquire online with the national number and active SIM card from the system introduced in the program to inquire online about the number of your SIM cards in all operators at once and will not be received via SMS + along with the section. Inquiry training from the system

You no longer need to go to the operators' offices in person to inquire about the number of SIM cards. Fixed and virtual operator)

** All steps are video inquiries ***

If you need any questions, tips, reviews and comments, you can contact the program support 24 hours a day.

If you are not satisfied with the program and its information, all you have to do is announce your support and connection with the support so that the cost will be returned to you. Maybe selling a product is the beginning of a commitment.

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اقا برا من کار نمیکنه چرا؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
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واقعا عالیه. بهتر از این نميشه من مدت ها دنبال چنین برنامه ی بودم. ممنون بخاطر برنامه ی خوبه تون....
مزخرف همه این کارایی که میگه بصورت رایگان میشه انجام داد و راحترم هست
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