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tricks is a comprehensive program that helps you use the smartphone.

Ad with no need to refer to others, you become an expert smartphone

According to the latest update machine and the operator

Including hundreds of secret codes and procedures before and after the purchase of the phone can use to get the most out of your phone.

An example of training tricks:

Hide visitors in the Telegram & educational

Convert android phone modem

-Bazgrdany SMS deleted

-Get weather information for cities through SMS

-When getting what we phone?

-Chgvnky call recording on Android

-Kasy the phone in low light

-Shyvh to deal with the harmful effects phone

-Rah identify counterfeit phones

-Chndbrabr down Internet phone

-Trfnd of the Mobile Sony Ericsson battery

-Trfndhay battery

-Trfnd change the phone's clock by your phone

-Trfnd send SMS for free on the Internet

& Educational backup of messages

& Educational backup of contacts

Increased headphones sound without any program

Quick -Sharzh battery

-App phone antenna gain

Installation & educational games Dytadar

& Educational calibrate the battery

& Educational open Wi-Fi password on Android

-protect if mobile hacking

-Blak the annoying phone numbers

-Save the Battery

Mobile & educational hide files without software

-Chndtrfnd simple to speed up phone

-Trfnd eliminate scratches on the phone

• All codes Rightel and MTN MCI

Call the numbers without falling

-Changing audio during calls

-Mkhfy quick pictures and video in a folder

-Restore top speed

-Clear the phone password

-Jlvgyry burning phone

-Jlvgyry sending wrong sms

-Free Internet

Off Abnormal up the phone with SMS

Use Google Maps offline

-Getting photo while recording

-You film in the state whispers

Hidden -Rmz·hay game GTA

Laid-from removing a password into the phone

-Installing custom ROMs

-Installing original ROMs Hvavyy

-Hrchyzy with respect to Ruth

Full & educational driving

& Educational install antivirus free

-Chndnkth regarding the viral phone

-Farsy handset

Arrows phone

All games & educational and tricks straw

Ad completely free Trfnddygr in thousands ...........

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