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The law application is a complete set of laws in the country that is familiar with rich content, without any problems, you are familiar with all legal matters. This app is easier with the look and feel of the search rules among the rules of the sea for users, especially for trainers and students.

By downloading this collection you can also get acquainted with all the laws of the country and by knowing the rules of the trial without defrauding the attorney's expenses for yourself or your relatives, this collection can also provide students with an excellent law guide for applicants. And other verbs are the source of complete and convenient access to the rules.

Key Features of the Law Application:

• Full bank rules of the country
• Ability to share rules
• Ability to search in all the rules
• User-friendly environment with plenty of personalization
• Possibility to register the rules of interest
• Settings for reading the text of the rules (day, night, text size, etc.)
• Guide to using software law

This application contains more than 70 seasons.

Basic rules and development:
The Fifth Development Plan Act

civil law
Civil Criminal Code
This civil procedure
Civil liability law
Labor Law
Labor law
The press law
The law of continuous improvement of the business environment
The law of wisdom
Mines Act
The Endowment Law
State Service Management Act
Law on the Organization and Procedure of the Administrative Justice Court
Law of Attorney
Dispute Resolution Council Act
The Law on the Establishment of Public and Revolutionary Courts
The Law on the Supervision of the Behavior of Spaces
The law of protecting companies and institutions of knowledge ...
The law of the center of the official justice experts

Good qualities:
The Islamic Penal Code
The law of penalties and punitive damages
The Islamic Penal Code - The Old
Criminal Procedure Code
The Criminal Procedure Code - The Old
The law of state sanctions
Law of the Judicial Code
Law on driving offenses
The law on the smuggling of weapons and ...

Financial and economic laws:
Business Law
Ecommerce law
Customs law
The Law on the Implementation of the Customs Code
The law of issuing checks
The Law of Conduct
The Law on the Implementation of Financial Convictions
Ansar Law
The law of the cooperative sector of the economy
Union System Law
The law on the reform of the labor law system
Advanced Law Enforcement Act
The Anti-Money Laundering Act
The Code of Conduct for Combating ...

tax laws:
Direct Taxation Act
The Law on Direct Taxation Amendment
The Law on Value Added Tax

Registration rules:
Law on Registration
The law of registration of documents and real estate
The law of the Statute of the Register of Professors and ...
Comprehensive Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The law of inventions and ...

Insurance rules:
Insurance law
The unemployment insurance law
The Law on the Execution of the Law on Insurance of Unemployment
The law of the establishment of insurance and insurance
The Law on the Establishment of Non-Governmental Insurance Companies
The Law on the Establishment of Central Insurance of Iran
Third-party wealth law
Social Security Act

Family rules:
Family Protection Act
Law on the Enforcement of Family Law Act
Family Protection Law - Old
The Youth Marriage Facilitation Act

The laws of urban life:
Municipal Law
The Law of Prisoners
Act of the Rules of Procedure of the Law of Relations ...
The law of the ownership of apartments
The law prohibits the use of satellite reception equipment

Information Technology Laws:
Software Protection Software Act
The Law of Crimes


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