Sweetheart help eulogy

Sweetheart help eulogy

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Hello everyone loved ones Lyafayl company offers: Mourning aid application sweetheart ..

Dear admirers and other applicants for this program Mourning was always concerned with manual handling.

Or in some cases a need to praise and poetry, and the problems encountered.

Do not worry because it does not concern Mand.bdlyl other applications that are always available and also has a line that is legible and clear,

This app contains praise of Imams in different styles (lyrics, text shrine, text dirge + Download and Play, text Moloudi + Download and Play ..) and of the Parliaments of the best poems of the country's biggest admirers also collected By.

Another feature of this program is that every month a new version of the program was trying to lovers of literature we let him enjoy more with the same initial payment.

From purchase to make Bashyd.mtshkrm





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