Medical Knowledge and marriage

Medical Knowledge and marriage

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Attractive and useful medical knowledge and partnership program was published in the cafe market. . .

A collection of unique, interesting and useful medical and marital issues. . .

The contents of the program:

1 - Some of the medical and married men

- Shaving Tips for Men section 1

- Shaving Tips for Men section 2

- Causes of hair beard for men

- Thinning beard and mustache in men

- Those who do not have a beard?

- Four nutrient for men

- Bruised testicle

- Anatomy of the male reproductive system

- Signs of cancer in men

- Atrophy or atrophy of the testicles

- Proper nutrition to increase male fertility

- Ways to prevent prostate cancer

- Diseases of the testicles and pain for men

- Infection of the testicles in men

- Kidney stones in men

- Reproductive disease in men

- Everything about prostate disease

- Strange reasons for pain in men

And many other useful thing about medicine and married men.

2 - Some of the medical and married women

- Labor and childbirth

- Stages of fertilization and embryo formation

- Polycystic Ovary

- Pregnancy null Women

- Pain in the fetus

- Uterine fibroids

- Ovarian cancer

- Recovering from childbirth
- Exercise and Nutrition in pregnancy

- Endometriosis - Part One

- Endometriosis - Part II

- What myoma or uterine fibroids?

- Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

- Heartburn in pregnancy

- Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy

- What is Tkhmg signs?

- Lazy ovary - Part One

- Lazy ovary - Part II

- Pregnancy and osteoporosis

- What is Tkhmg?

- The impact of exercise on infertility

- Chickenpox in pregnancy

- Screening

- Polycystic Ovary

- Elimination of bloating, breast milk

- Highlights postpartum

And many other useful thing about medicine and married women.

3 - Some interesting articles and read the Sports Medicine

- Complete familiarity with massage

- Treadmill

- Exercise in the New Year holidays and trips

- High blood pressure and sport

- The components of a fitness program session

- Prescription sports

- Walking or jogging is better?

And many other useful thing about sports medicine.

4. temptation married adolescents (We recommend to teenagers)

Some of the features of the program:

- Prevent the screen turns off when the study. . .

- The ability to share content via Bluetooth, messaging, Zhapya, cable, line, Viber, e-mail. . .

- Allows quick search in the app. . .

- Ability to change, and change the font color. . .

- Ability to add content to your favorites. . .

- The interface is very nice and easy. . .

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