Version v7.0
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*** Author Bfrdtryn and most complete collection of photos and video and file recovery training

Training programs + file any application for recovery

Please see the end of the program features

** 24 hours to restore all your data **

Special Features To restore phone data:

- Wi-Fi password recovery

Recover photos and videos and your files

- Backup your photos and programs

- Recover deleted contacts (phone number deleted)

-Added Android as well as Windows Recycle Bin (if the images were erased from the program easily in 11 seconds back)

& Educational how to work with any application

-Bazgrdany deleted messages from WhatsApp

The program recovery program for phones that are not routed and put to rooted phones

Compatible with all versions of Android

In this application, the application file to put any training (several training + file recovery program on the same train)

Special Features To restore your computer:

1-recover images, video, music, files Android memory or memory card

2. Recover files that accidentally or due to viral destruction of hard drives or storage devices have been erased

3. Restore the hidden files by virus

4-recover data from partitions Fat 12, Fat 16, Fat 32, NTFS PC and laptop

5. File Recovery After Format Hard Drive, even if Reinstall Windows

6. Restore EMail deleted

7-recover files after shutdowns and Hong HarD Disk computer

8. Automatic recovery is not closed files in Office



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