Version 1.9.8
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Are you worried about losing your data? Kaveh cloud service (Keloud) helps you keep your data private, secure and backed up.
Online Keloud antivirus keeps your files safe from the threat of viruses and malwares.
Privacy preserving has been noticed as the primary feature in Keloud.

Main features:

* Ability to share files, pictures, calendar and events with friends, publicly or only with a password.
* Accessible from desktop, android and ios smartphones or tablets and web via native applications for each platform.
* Ability to sync files, images and contact information on all devices and gadgets.
* Ability to create groups to restrict access to some files.
* Ability to create read-only or read-write access level in sharing.
* Ability to connect and increase storage capacity through DropBox, SWIFT, FTP, Google Docs, Amazon S3, WebDAV.
* Ability to control and track file changes via standard protocols like RSS.
* Ability to keep and track stored file changes.

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