کهکشان جواهرات

کهکشان جواهرات

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Galaxy Jewelry is a beautiful game in the style of fun games. Which is completely free in the Market Cafe Market.

In this game you have to score the same jewels as you like and take the game. You have to put at least three jewels in the same way and put them together. This game has two classic game modes and a racing game. In classical mode, you should try to get the best score from the previous stage to go to the new and more challenging stage. But at the racing stage, the most important thing is the time to connect the jewels to one another and earn points.

Game features:

✤ Play and compete with friends
✤ Includes useful magic boosters for assistance in getting to know the steps
✤ Hard and difficult and very challenging steps
✤ Stunning HD graphics and, of course, awesome graphics

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