taghvim 1397

taghvim 1397

Version 1.0
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----- Last updated and added features ------

Harmonized version with the New Year's events of 1397

The dramatic show of 1397 is the moment of the year of delivery

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🌍 Specifies age (a new possibility to determine your age and the time remaining until your birth, along with the animal of your birth year)
🌍 Added another ten voices
 € â € â,¬Â Adding the online water section
 € ¢ Adding annoyances

__Add alerts

IAdded night and dark theme

🌍 Added basic settings

🌍 Added the whole month event page


Professional career for 1397
🌍 Calendar of the Azan (morning, noon, afternoon, night)
🌍 Have a professional compass
All events are clicked on that date.
🌍 1396 calendar with the most comprehensive events of the Sun, AD and Lunar
🌍 Low volume
🌍 Comes with an appealing and streamlined interface with calendar listings
🌍 Supports Multi Window functionality in Samsung's mobile phones based on the official calendar of the country (Center of the Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran)
🌍 Transferable to external storage (SD Card)

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