Fishing Fun

Fishing Fun

Version v4.0
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This application will help you to learn all that is required for the fisherman in your mobile phone.

Software pleasure of fishing with the help of Mr. Ebrahim Abedi person (Ebi Fisher) has been designed with the aim of developing fishing as a sport.

The software has been trying to tackle all issues raised and the video Shiva and perfectly trained.

In this application, you have the following content:

1. The introduction of fish

2-introduce a variety of nodes

3-introducing fishing tackle

4-introducing fishing locations

5-introduction of online stores Fishing

6-introduction of local fishing tackle store

7-Aid Fishing

8-introduction of social networking in the field

9-introduction sites Fishing

10-training carp fishing

11-learning trout fishing

12-learning Syed catfish

13-catching training Barracuda

14-catching training carrots (Zrdpr)

15-learning Hunting Song Vshyrbt

16-education pike fishing

17-catching training Amor

18-teach fishing tap

19-introduction of systems of fishing

20-teach a variety of hyphae

21. Working with clutch

22-Creating Fishing Supplies

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