Zilou : The Art & Industry

Zilou : The Art & Industry

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Zilou app:

The app is currently trying to introduce this original and old art at the same time as recording Zilou Meybod in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Currently, the program has been published in both English and Persian languages on Android and iOS platforms.

Introduction of weaving handicrafts:

Weaving and textile is one of the ancient and historical arts of Iran and the land of Yazd always has been considered as one of the major centers of this art in Iran. Weaving Zilou along with other local industries of Yazd is considered as one of the brightest signs of weaving art in this region. Many motifs and designs of Zilou and specialized vocabulary of this industry rooted in Meybod residents' culture and literature and represent the merger of this art-industry with elements of Meybod ancient culture.

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