Active installs

-is an intelligent assistant who stores all the key information and information about the car and keeps the user informed at the best of times,

 - is an online shop of automotive goods and services that offers users the best service, purchase and delivery options, and auto parts,

 - is an online advertising medium for car sales that brings buyers and sellers together in the shortest possible time,

 - is a social network where users share their good and bad experiences with services and goods,

 - is a smart companion manual that intelligently provides any information needed about the user's vehicle as well as the relevant service centers and centers.

 - is an intelligent technical advisory system that provides useful and practical information on the vehicle's operating health and vehicle technical problems and symptoms and connects it to the nearest and fastest service provider, if needed,

 - An electronic counter to receive non-official services. From scheduling technical examinations to paying for car tolls via auxin,

 - It is an integrated port for receiving services from other automotive applications and businesses.

 In a nutshell, the Auxin app is a smart integration and integration solution for a wide range of automotive solutions.

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