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Anwar Hussain (aS) is Lmat and minds of bright and rich heritage to the next generation transfer.

Excerpts from the book is the following:

People express purpose of creation and expression of the way to knowledge of God.

Mhmdbnhnfyh testament of his brother.

Khtbh persuade him famous and meet the needs of God's people.

Preaching to a rebellious man.

Express the goodness of this world and the hereafter.

Khtbh members of the Household of the Prophet in Mena ultimatum to the province.

His statement on exit from Mecca towards Karbala.

His speech in time to prevent Al-Hurr ibn Yazid al Tamimi.

His speech on Ashura day and night.

Maqtal expression and the events of Ashura.

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Church Vtrt software development team is already working that day and in addition to the user-friendly design has the following features:


Using two case study night and day

Adjust the screen remained clear during the study

Adjust font size program

Take advantage of five fonts in the program

Pagination based on the original text

Books to read footnotes in a separate section

Ability to send e-mail to the development team

Ability to view other programs Developer

Search in title season

In the message from the developer about other products and books

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Using audio books on the text _Dr first have to connect Bashyd_

You can download the audio storage on a mobile phone and use a voice at other times offline

Notes of the book allows you to view the original text

Our ability to study hard words by clicking on the original text

Ability to view details about the name that appears in your text books

Ability to view details about the individuals named in the text reads

Ability to create notes on each text

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