Creating anti-spam bot

Creating anti-spam bot

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in the name of god

Today, with the development of social relations and the formation of a broad platform of communication such as instant daily flood control range of
Blog messages and spam (annoying) are. In Grvhaym
Private messages and ...

If you are one of the administrators group
The telegram messenger and you want to build a platform for
Avoid spam messages you use this education program
And build an anti-spam robot, we suggest you

Build a robot spam you with not only your spam but also a group with new management and a secure hold

Some of the features:
Select Photo by order of Baht
Locks: Photos and names of members, etc. Group
Ben the people (so that other groups can be entered)
Whoever can not determine more than 5 or more out of the group by the robot cake to failure and not a spam group
Welcome message and insert the code group
And other unique capabilities and high ...

With this program you can create a robot anti-spam Telegram

This program is not recommended for people under 15 years
Training is not easy, not hard

Good luck

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