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The Coolpack software is the result of the collaboration of Danish academic and academic communities that began to be defined as part of a project in the spring of 1998. The purpose of this software is to simulate the refrigeration cycle as well as to optimize the energy consumption of the refrigeration units, so it can be useful for training centers, engineers and even technicians. In fact, with the help of this software, it can simulate single, multi-stage, different cooling cycles with different applications and applications, and design it to have the highest performance factor.

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Software features are as follows:
1) With the help of this software, different cooling cycles can be plotted on the log p-h chart and compared to different flavors. This software feature is provided by the Refrigeration utilities program.
2) The software is able to analyze different types of refrigeration cycles, and with cyclic profile, the Cycle Analysis program calculates the thermodynamic temperature of the refrigerant in all points of the refrigeration cycle and the Cop-cycle.
3) With the Cool Tool Design, you can design a single-stage direct expansion circuit that is used on most cooling units, and thus can be used to calculate the characteristics of each element of the refrigeration cycle such as evaporator, condenser, compressor and pipelines between them.
4) Using the Cool Tool Assessment program, you can calculate the energy consumption of a cooling system.
5) The software provides the ability to calculate the cooling load of the building, the refrigerator load, and calculations of the heat exchangers in the Auxiliary program.
6) Changes associated with the amount of coolant load and its effect on the energy consumption of the air conditioning or refrigeration unit in the Dynamic program are reviewed.
So, as you can see, very useful and useful reports can be received by this software.

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