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Sweet Golestan Sadi's Tales

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A collection of beautiful, sweet and informative Golestan Saadi tales in multimedia and graphic form

This software comes with a series of Android-powered sweet tale tales featuring informative stories, and is in Farsi and intelligent language for dear children and teens.

Sa'di Shirazi wrote Golestan's book, one year after the boostan order, in the spring of 656 AH in Shiraz. At this time, Sa'di was 56 years old, and forty years in a well-known poetry, who was a professor of ghazal and a reputation for speaking. It was complicated throughout Iran and other Persian-speaking countries. A man had traveled and traveled for twenty years, became a world-wide, world-seen, winning, warm-headed, and experienced experience, and had come to perfection, and wanted to write his experiences and readings in a readable and memorable book. Golestan wrote.
Golestan has a new and unprecedented style. In the words of all the works of the present and more in the sense of being aware of the order and prose of the legendary and measured, and its various contents were sweet and well-liked, and soon became famous everywhere and its book was desirable, high-quality and dear. It was from the very beginning of Sa'di, the publication of Golestan and Shi'a'eh Sa'di's work in the regulation of Golestan, and everyone who was in the work of poetry and literary poetry wished to make a memorabilia like Golestan and to achieve its reputation and honor. Over the centuries, many writers have tried to write Golestan books and imitated them in naming, but none of these books was as famous as Golestad Sa'di during these seven hundred years.
Gulistan Saadi is read by all Persian speakers everywhere, but other books that simulate Golestan are less read.

* With this software you can read the stories and if you are not bored or have time to read it you will listen to it *

Some features of the program:

- Can play background music

-Similar environment with beautifully designed and graphic graphics

-Can choose topics as favorites

-Should display favorites to user

- Can search content content

-Can change the color of the text

-Can choice of beautiful fonts plus font size change easily and for better readability

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