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Access to contact information and products of all medical equipment companies
Using the Iranian medical equipment marketplace, online search for the medical equipment you want and contact the seller directly to buy or receive advice. You can also online inquire the latest medical equipment.

The installation and use of Iran's medical equipment market is recommended to all doctors, healthcare providers, medical equipment companies, medical and bme students and other people interested in this area.


Offline search among over 35,000 registered products
You can search offline in the Gmed database with more than 35,000 products from 1,300 medical companies. The Gmed database is constantly being updated


Access corporate phone number and save to mobile contacts
If you want to buy any product, you can directly contact the seller of this product or save the seller number in your contacts section.


 Product integration on the site and app
All products that are registered on the Gmed site are automatically displayed with the first update by the user in the app.


Other features of the Iranian medical equipment market:

• Ability to record notes and share product information

• Ability to Online inquire about the product from reputable retailers Product 

•  Buy products online

•  View images and product descriptions

•  Get medical articles

•  Added telegram support

•  Bank Information Software Updates

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