Doaye ahd

Doaye ahd

Version 1.0.1
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It is narrated in some verses that: "Everyone will read this prayer for forty morning, he will be among the companions of the twelfth Shiite Imam, and if he dies before the emergence, the Lord will bring him out of his grave to return to his service."

This program includes text, translation and audio (the four best pre-orders) of the Prophet.

Application Guide:
To display and hear text and sound, first select the desired song. Then the program will automatically play the sound. Click on the name of the program to view the main menu of the program. If you want to change the font, size, and ... according to your preferences, go to the settings menu and apply changes. By touching the curtain photo, you can run the sound or exit the run.
All features of the program are offline and do not require internet.

Features and features of the program:
• Superior 4-carat voice
• Contains the text and translation of the prayer of the covenant
• High quality audio
• Compactness of the program to its features and features
• Has the settings section to solve the font display problem
• And ...

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