FAX.IR (Internet Faxing Service)

FAX.IR (Internet Faxing Service)

Version 8.0.0
Active installs

FAX.IR is a cloud based fax service which lets you send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere from your mobile (and tablet) devices and the FAX.IR website!


- Send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere
- Scan documents with mobile camera, add text and send to any fax machine
- Access your FAX.IR archive on the go
- Forward or reply received faxes to any fax machine
- Send out faxes to friends and colleagues with the help of mobile’s phonebook
- Send Fax To Telefax Machines: By enabling this feature, your destination number will hear a prerecorded message stating: "This is fax call, to receive please press start."
- Scheduled Faxing: Faxes can be scheduled to be sent at a defined time and date.
- Retry For Failed Faxes: By enabling this feature in the compose fax panel, all failed to send faxes will be resent at an interval defined by you to ensure maximum delivery rate.

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