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ICT Smart Antivirus

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ICT Smart Antivirus

Memory Card Scan In this type of scan, all files in the phone's internal memory and memory card are scanned, and if there is a virus or malware with the program or file, you will be promptly warned to remove the virus from the program. Or file

Software scan In this type of scan, only the installed programs of the phone are scanned, ie all programs and application files are scanned in the phone memory, and if a virus or malware is associated with the program, you will be immediately warned that it Delete. Virus from the app doing

It has the following features

✔ Scan all installed applications

✔ Identify virus programs and remove them

✔ Identify spyware and remove it

✔ Scan internal memory and memory card

✔ Identify virus files

✔ Delete virus files

Powerful firewall to protect information

. Have a widget to control antivirus on the home screen

. Scan installed programs and memory card content

Web web, a feature to protect you against infected links

✔ Ability to identify viruses, trojans, worms and its types

Simple Simple and lovely user interface

Identify backup and spy files

. Identify binding keyboards

Manually configure the installation software connection to the Internet

Identify encrypted mice

Automatically run when starting the device

. View all program permissions and the ability to manage them by the user

And ....

We hope this antivirus has met your phone needs to some extent. We are waiting for your comments and criticisms.

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