Bodybuilding training (Video)

Bodybuilding training (Video)

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For men and women

Online calculate BMI, fat and calories your body needs

Good News: Get training and tailored to your body and feed supplements online (for men and women)

More than 100 fitness video tutorial exercises done properly with full description and explain every move to any part of the body is growing pressure

A video tutorial with complete description of figure out the correct figure enforcement

The overall figure of rules and competitions and tips on figure and competitions

Correct use of treadmill training with instructional video

Introducing and explaining the types of supplements and vitamins and hormones.

Providing proper nutrition and exercise tips before and after

Of volume and cut with diet and supplements

Tips and important for beginner bodybuilders

When we exercise and what to eat before and after exercise?

Do women choose to exercise or not?

Exercise during menstruation and do the right exercises

Women's training and nutrition program for a few weeks

Of course, both men's and women can be online workout programs and nutritional supplements tailored to your body get

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