Driving licence

Driving licence

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An application is perfect for those who want their license Rabgyrnd easier.
 Take Software license software license applicant is suitable for students
Software certification training earner with more than 640 questions in 21 test and answered hundreds of questions with one of the best software to
Getting certification
With this educational software can test specimen traffic safely home experience

More than 21 of the 640 questions in the test
9 and 12 test test text with image
More than 360 questions to answer in the form of six
Take the test
Ability to view test results and answers a questions
Full list pictures
Ability to view all the questions with answers
 Familiar with traffic signs
Familiarity with the rules, priority, and crossing
Familiarity with the sample questions of traffic regulations
A list of traffic rules
Introduction to Driving Tips

 Contents lists a number of educational materials available in the application:

Documents and license agreement
U-Turn Display
Education prerequisite for driving skills
Education bypass two Frmanh and a Frmanh
Training parallel parking
Training the tortoise
Education Park next to the table
Familiarity with automotive interior systems
Use hands to signal
Familiarity with guidelines

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