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** In-app payment capability**
Note: The free version is only for food recipes 8

Ever the fuck thinks that's a taste of what foods the rest of the state?
With this collection, which includes more than 300 local food you can easily taste the different countries from all provinces'll try.
We suggest you try the same foods I've Shhray ...
Very easy to use, you can just search using the name of the program Ghzaharv or alphabetical categories you can find, or your favorite foods.
It's how often you update the list, you can purchase a copy of her new food access.

* Source: Wikipedia **

Features in full version:
Due to the low volume of application data
Ability to search by food name alphabetically
Ability to remove and add to favorites
Ability to view read and unread content
Ability to share with all the applications on your phone such as SMS

When added to the name of your local food programs by emailing us keep in touch with yourself.

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