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dream interpretation

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In the Name of God - a collection of dream interpretations from great scientists in the application of the interpretation of the dream of society

Sleep Interpretation References: 👇👇👇

📚 Ibn Sirin, Daniel Nabi, Imam Sadegh (AS), Allama Majlisi, Ibrahim Kermani, Manouchehr Tehrani, Ismail Ibn Mashaet, Jaber Maghribi

غربی Western passages (Anlibiton, Lokavitenha, Echmiller), the book Land and ...

📌 Ability to share dream interpretation on virtual networks and send to friends

. With the ability to search for titles and include all letters of the alphabet

📌 Along with Ibn Sirin's letter of defeat, the most famous dream passage and several articles about dreams and dreams

نقش Guide to the role of time, place, job, etc. in interpreting sleep

زیبا Beautiful and standard graphics

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