Occasions 98

Occasions 98

Version v4.0
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The program you are running on is the "New Year's Eve of 1398," which aims to inform you about the New Year's events in a variety of ways, with a smooth environment that you can enjoy by installing it.

Some parts of the program are as follows:

- The delivery date of 98 in different countries

- Color of 1398

- The animal of 1398

- New Year's Animal Species

- New Year's Animal Characteristics

- Born with this animal and ...

- Astronomical events of 1398

- Official Holiday 1398 with video calendar

- Specifications of the first day of the year (Nowruz) based on famous books

- Official and informal events of 1398 with visual calendar

- 10 beautiful, beautiful backgrounds of the 1398 calendar with 10 beautiful and very beautiful designs for both the computer and the phone

- The Official Geophysical Calendar of 1398 in PDF format

- Calendar section at a glance with beautiful designs and quality

* Description of this section: The calendars in this section are very high quality

 In which are the official holidays with the title of closure

, Which can be anything you like

Save and print and use color printing.

_ Explaining the full introduction of the important occasions of 1398

- Religious occasions in 1398 with visual calendar

- Calendar Slider with 5 different calendar plans of 1398 with the following occasions

- Detailed descriptions and descriptions of various calendars

- Attorney is another possibility with a friendly and user-friendly environment

Hope that year 98 is a good year for us all. Amine

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