دین و زندگی۳تکنیکی(کنکور)

دین و زندگی۳تکنیکی(کنکور)

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In the name of Allah

Dear students and graduates Hi

With this program all the concepts of verses, symbols

And whatever it is to answer questions

You need this course in the exam, for

Summing up the final, even answering questions

Exams for June and ... in the form

Comprehensive, categorized and technical

Provides 16 lessons

This app contains sections

The following is for 16 lessons:

Courses: Includes all concepts, techniques

, The concepts of verses, hadiths and ...

Keywords: Very important words or phrases

And vital to respond to many

Of the tests that do not need to keep many

Do not have verses.

Conceptual Communication: Specifying the verses,

Hadiths and ... that are somehow interconnected

Conceptually and writing a common concept

Repeat times: Determine the number

Many times out of textbooks

The question has been put.

This app is intended for you first

Students who are either deprived of the area

Or they can cost a lot

, Then to all students

Iran land .

Apply: Please, before and after the preparation of this program, the small and rich content in

You can see screenshots of the program (screenshots) with questions

Compare the actual examinations of the previous exam to find out what this program is all about

Make it up.

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