Hazrat Abbas (8 books)

Hazrat Abbas (8 books)

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In the name of God, which my soul is in his possession

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Hazrat Abbas in the words of Amir al-Momenin (AS)
In Ma'ali al-Sabettin it is mentioned that at the time when Ali (as) Ali (pbuh) Ali (pbuh) was in the martyrdom bed, Abbas called for him and fastened him to his chest and said:
"Waldie and Putier Bekfi Yum Al-Qaimat"
Soon, my eye on the Day of Resurrection will be enlightened by your presence.
He also said:
"أذا کان یوم عاشورا و دختو المشرعة إياك أن تشحب الماء و أخوک الحسين تتشان"
When the day of Ashura came and entered the water of the water, lest you drink water while your brother Hussein is thirsty.
, ....

In this collection of books like:
The bright face of the moon Bani Hashim Abolfazl al-Abbas (pbuh)
Volume 1 to 5
And also the book:
Kramat Baba Al-Hawaej: The Life and Truth of Hazrat Abbas (PBUH)
Along with the Happiness; Imam Ali (as)
The Road to Dignity (Reviewing the Imam Mahdi's Relation to Hazrat Abbas)

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