Minoo Garden (Children's Quran)

Minoo Garden (Children's Quran)

Version 5.0
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Quranic Gadgets Gado Mino is one of the most graphic Quranic programs for children and even adults.

This program does not have a particular age group, and everyone can enjoy this unique program and see the Divine Word in the most beautiful form, and keep the signs up to speed with the techniques and features provided.

Features provided in the program:

- Awesome Voice of the World's Most Valuable Qari (Menhawi-Khalifa Tonji-Sattar Al-Fafsi and ...)

Translation of each verse

- Automatic playback of verses and possible replay to the desired number

- Ability to record your own sound with the best quality for each verse and compare your voice with the Qari!

- Attractive hobbies while recite verses

- Part 30 of the Quran in full (soon the rest of the Qur'an will be added)

- Use beautiful effects

- In addition to the 5 curtains of the world, the sound of children's beauty is also used

- And many other features that you install yourself see :) :)

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