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About iQ and EQ, and plans to test the accuracy of your loved ones.

EQ Test Emotional Intelligence Test

Test your emotional intelligence and emotion regulation

According to studies conducted in the context of success, emotional intelligence (EQ) with success far higher than IQ (IQ) is. That is, according to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence explain why people with high IQ (IQ) average more successful than those who have a much higher IQ scores. When 95% of students at Harvard University in the 1940s from youth to middle age were examined, found that people who had the highest academic scores in terms of salary and career success of their weaker peers tangles were not more successful. They even have the satisfaction of personal and family life and romantic situation was no better. Note that emotional intelligence (EQ) is far from an increase in IQ (IQ) is easier. Even some people believe that the environment does not significantly increase IQ, but it can increase emotional intelligence. You can now test the different components of emotional intelligence in your own self.

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