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Welcome to the sweet world of kalame

More than 2000 words, 400 phases, 40 golden vocals, unlimited engagement tournaments, a whole box of luck, and a whole other item await you to sweeten your mouth and challenge moments of your mind.

The stages of the game are designed to challenge your mind in a world of Persian words and enhance your brain's ability to solve word puzzles.

features of kalame game:

1. More than 400 different stages

2. Exciting and dedicated graphics

3- Steps with different degree of difficulty

4. Relatively low volume compared to game performance

5. Free all parts of the game

6. Full game playback system

7. Scoring system to each stage

8. Unlimited Word Tournaments

9. Stylish game and install on any Android phone

10 - Exclusive music and sound

11. Specific word gameplay


With the word, break the words and put them together and play the words in real terms.

In this game, we tried to design the best for your loved ones, from the gameplay to the graphics and design of the stages and the game environment .... If you like the kalame game, rate us.

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