Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry

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Biochemistry is a string that identification and material developments in the body. Several important branch of Biochemistry to clinical or clinical chemistry including biochemistry Division.


The importance of Clinical Biochemistry (clinical chemistry) is that changes in the materials contained in the body in a State of normal physiology and disease studied, therefore in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease treatment are used.


The program is one of the most performed before you complete the andervidi program in the field of Clinical Biochemistry in 1983, which is a source of very suitable for students of Medicine (laboratory science, medicine, pharmacy, etc.)


The head of the chapter of the program:


* Laboratory arrangements


* Carbohydrate


* Lipids


* Amino acids


* Plasma protein


* Performance tests;


* Clinical of enzyme


* Non-protein nitrogen-bearing compounds


* Kidney function tests


* Complete urine test (UA)


* Biological fluids


* Alctrolit s


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