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See the attractive and functional decoration ideas and charts in the Charkob app

You've probably thought of changing your house layout, but sometimes making changes to the layout, we realize that not only was the home more beautiful, but more space was left unused. We tried this software. We've provided you with the best ways to bring fashion and home interior decoration from catering to the bathroom with sample images. Also, this software has user-friendly graphics that we hope will appeal to this software.

If you are looking for specific ideas for home and work decoration, or if you are tired of searching for the device you need to complete decoration.

If you would like to share your ideas for decoration with others and get access to training and educational clips of the day ...

Our offer to you is "Charkob", with the "carcass" of the world of decoration in your hands.

* Bank decorations for any taste

* Introduction to furniture and decoration products

* Varied and up-to-date tutorials

* Possibility to share upload images from users to other users

* Decoration advice and user tips

* Ability to connect with these companies and companies and use their services and products


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