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Note: Please read the description to the end!

* Hi . By downloading this app just 850 medicinal and edible properties of food products ranging from (beverages. Khvaky and food. Herb. Seeds. Vascular plant) and are used by us discover daily.

A great application for those who think about their health and their families and their lives are important. If you want the properties of all foods and drinks that have had to try to or want to try it sends you know, so be sure to download this app !!

A key feature of the software:

* 1 share content and images in the'll just content and images to people in a variety of instant messaging and group chat software to send *

* 2 Playback soothing and beautiful music to better study and the ability to remove content Help (icon top left menu to delete music) *

* 3-seeker who uses a highly advanced content search and content can easily see its results *


* 5. Application of the properties of all the food that it uses man in your life *

* 6. Ability to send suggestions to us to develop this software *

* 7 The use of glass menu with icons and graphics applications-friendly and beautiful *

* 8 new feature: sharing program through internal activity options (share app)

* 9-The app is available offline and do not have internet

And many interesting capabilities with valuable and useful content

We recommend you try ** **

** Content and functionality of this app is unbelievable but you can try it **

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