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The "أNamayandeh Sho" app was designed and published by Dr. Karbin team and advised by the Center for Advice, Information and Entrepreneurship Services on "Amayesh Salamat Sarzamin". This app is special for people who are planning to run for the first time in the Islamic Consultative Assembly for the first time. For this purpose, in addition to explaining the issues related to current laws and regulations in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, this paper attempted to fully explain the most widely used principles of the constitution and the provisions of the internal legislature, including the methods of campaign management.

By providing a comprehensive version of the app, you can access the following educational content:

• Member of Parliament

Election Law of Parliament

Parliamentary duties

Parliamentary code

Representative of parliament

Common terms

Guardian Council

Election campaign

Parliamentary representative in the constitution

Materials of the internal parliamentary code


Supervision and its types

Headquarters structure


Calendar of Schedule Headquarters

Promotional tools

Headquarters budgeting

Headquarters financing

Political polls

And ...

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