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With the Effectino profiling app, step into the world of profile photos, where you can take a few clicks of your typical photos into attractive effects, and at the end of a diverse album, including a profile photo, a snap-like profile photo. With the old effects you can travel, order a painting from an artist to an artist, transform your photo into a commemorative design, or multiply it with a multiplier, and display your photo in museums and galleries of your choice; in addition to These, you can create unique personal photos using text or a combination of custom photos and text! Finally, save the profile photo made to your device or share it with your friends on various social networks. You need an internet WiFi or 3G to use this app.


• Hundreds of different and attractive effects to make a profile of happy, sad, romantic doubles, specific and conceptual pictures.

• Easy access and user experience.

• Ability to share photos.

• Clever effects without cropping or copying.

• Ability to intelligently recognize faces and apply auto settings.

• Ability to search and select the desired filter.

• High processing speed due to server side computing.

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