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Discount Time is an app with a variety of discounts to easily access the best deals. We would love to worry about the price and the cost of a variety of urban amenities and even supermarkets and use them at the most affordable prices.

We have provided hundreds of discounts in 16 categories for you to use the discount code of each of them to get the best services at the lowest price and the highest quality.

Our discounts include:

Operator, Telecommunication, Internet

Internet Taxi, Shipping

Booking airplanes and hotels, tours and travel

Order food and restaurant and coffee shops

Music, cinema, theater and media

Online Store

Online counseling and training

sport and entertainment

Clothes, fashion and fashion

Group discounts

medicine and health

Beauty and makeup

online services


Super Market

Software and games

In addition to the categories, the new discount section is also included in the app to easily view and use the latest discounts.

In the business section, you'll also find discounts on best startups and stores, and experience low-cost purchases.

One of the best discount features is the ability to see discounts based on the city of your place of residence. Choose your city of residence and simply use the best discounts.

You can also share discounts with your friends to make sure they're well-informed about their discounts and enjoy the enjoyment of low-cost, quality services.

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