ASRO| Travel and Earn money

ASRO| Travel and Earn money

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Surely you've come to the forefront of travel, entertainment, restaurants, souvenirs, hotels, crafts, the tourist's places you visited, and you could have visited it, but asking others was too time consuming or you could not get the complete information.

If you want to get acquainted with the area before traveling, and get acquainted with its attractions and familiarity with the customs of its people, or

If you are thinking of having fun or enjoying your journey more memorable, I'd recommend the Asro app.

Because azure:

✔ Introduces all the tourist and recreational points

✔ You can see the closest tourist and recreational places around you

✔ Good restaurants and good hotels that make all your friends use and enjoy

✔ It will show you the right route and you will be traveling.

✔If you're not a programmer and you're on the road, we also have services to make your trip more enjoyable.

✔ You can create your memorable album.

✔ Record your memos and photos and share them with your friends.

✔ Get acquainted with city souvenirs and buy from producers.

✔ Familiarize yourself with local dishes and learn how to cook it if you like.

✔ Be aware of the news of the city

✔ Visit different city salespeople.

✔ You can even book a hotel with a discount and choose a room you like.

✔ For all of them, you can make money better.

✔ Your discount is cheap

✔Also win special prizes.

Installing multiple applications does not need to take up space on your phone. Aroos and he works on several programs.

Another cool Surprise ....

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