Prayer  Imam Hussein  day of Arafa

Prayer Imam Hussein day of Arafa

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This prayer was not mentioned because Arafat's prayer was very long, and in these forty-seventh days, read the holy shrine of the Prophet, a prayer consisting of all the material of the world and the hereafter, which is the salutation of God to the creator. One of the prayers of this day is the prayers of Hazrat Sayyid al-Shohada (peace be upon him). Bashir and Bashir have narrated the sons of Ghaleb Asadi, who on the afternoon of Arafat in the desert of Arafat served as His Prophet, then with a group of Ahl al-Bayt and sons and Shiites, Upon reaching the top of the hill, they came out of their tent, and stood on the left side of the mountain, and on their blessed face they turned to the Ka'bah, and folded their hands against Sū They picked up the rat like a dish

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