گــوشیم کجاست؟

گــوشیم کجاست؟

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In the name of God

installing " Where is the phone ? " I do not worry about getting lost, mobile or work around the house ...


Sometimes it without Hvasmvn Mvbaylmvn Myzarym and maybe even remember where I got stuck where it sounds like it might be a sole sofa or perhaps even inside the refrigerator !

Now that is interesting when your phone on vibrate mode or Saylnt Gvshytvn be a reasonable measure to find the ... The result was not ringing mobile ... Where Gvshym program ? Just send an SMS to a mobile number or Tblttan even if your phone is in vibrate mode or even Saylnt is still the sirens will sound program and click on it , do not stop will not

After installing the program, I do not worry about getting lost mobile around the home or office ...

Without any special setting options ... Not even need to always be running the program (Enable) installed on your machine it 's just the same ! Whenever you call text titled "where.are.you" text , and in any case, your device will start drawing Siren ...

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