headset control

headset control

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n the name of God

Using this program you can only connect with or exit the headset (hands free) mobile or your tablet to control your devices, and your friends get surprised ... more.
For example, you can define that program if you have connected your hands free mode turns off the screen and immediately viber program or music player and or ... To run.
As you can see that definition if you rotate the phone hands free from the unplug or turn off the automatic screen or go to device vibrating mode or not.

The program is designed in a way that the smallest impact on the hardware of your device and does not need to be always enabled and you have your Favorites, just in the application definition, and then click Start button and. .. Just the same:)

In the program, you can select one or several program selected.

Thank you Dear users market please please give a 5 star rating and comments . * * * *

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