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Chobkde application is designed to eliminate intermediaries and buy and communicate directly with the manufacturer

In this regard, it provides the following services to its users

• Engineering design and production of residential and commercial interior decoration

• Registration of orders and price inquiries from experts without the need for your presence completely online

• Send the invoice to the customer electronically

• Purchase without intermediate interior decoration and delivery on site

• Direct communication with woodpecker support 24 hours a day

• Ability to visit the works performed in the virtual exhibition of Chobkade

• View all MDF, high glass and other wood products

• Psychology of colors and their application in architecture

• Familiarity with the types of wood and wood products available in the market and their application

• Free specialized advice for making interior decoration (especially for masters and enthusiasts)

The difference between this application and similar applications is in the possibility of registering the order and its virtual school section. Apart from shopping, you can easily order your desired decoration in the order registration section by mentioning the desired dimensions and colors, and in Chobkade school for free with each Get to know what you need to make and get acquainted with interior decoration

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