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As you know, our most consumable daily products are supermarket products. Calculating the amount of time we use to buy these goods during the day will only be determined by how we change our purchases.

Al-Khawwan team, with many years of experience in the field of consumer goods, is trying to provide conditions to facilitate the purchase and supply of your product basket.

Al Khawwan Online Supermarket With more than 2,500 products and with free shipping around the city of Karaj and areas of Tehran (for orders over 30,000 tomans), even on holidays, it tries, in addition to helping to reduce air pollution, to create an easy and pleasant buying experience for the audience. Choosing the time of delivery of the order and its day is one of the great benefits of Al Khawan, allowing the customer to fully manage his daily schedule and purchase. The products in this app are all fresh and up-to-date, helping to make products such as meat, poultry and fresh fish along with fruits and vegetables and even dairy products.

Another benefit of Al-Khawvan is the product quality warranty, which includes the return of the product or the replacement of the product in the event of a customer's lack of satisfaction with product packaging or defects in price and quality.

We are proud to provide our customers with the best and most trusted brands from domestic suppliers and customers.

Al-Khawvan is trying to provide a different buying experience for the customer by providing these services.

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