Intelligent Sonic Voice Prayer

Intelligent Sonic Voice Prayer

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- Arabic text
- Persian translation
- Moving Text with Voice
- Ability to adjust the size and type of text font

Imam Ali (as) has been quoted as saying
1 Anyone who has a religion and a debt and reads this prayer for the sake of the religion, God bless him and exalted him from the treasury of the descendants of religion, and he will be restored.
2 Anyone who reads it on the trip or to the Hazar will not reach him.
3 And if he wrote a prayer and carried with him, he would be safe from the enemy, the thief, the bandit, and any evil man.
4 Reading this prayer leads to salvation in two worlds.
5 It is narrated from the Imam that "while I was reading Sifi's prayer, I knew that every property in the great prayer of Saifi is also in these words."
6 The mystics say: Anyone who reads these words once every single day, from the monotheism, he will be cleansed by something that he has not seen, like a watch, or heard. And whoever reads a hundred times, the owner will be discovered and become a believer. And these words have a significant effect on human beings for the purpose and purpose of monotheism. And if he is called after Saifi's Great Prayer, he is very experienced at the speed of response.

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