My Diet!

My Diet!

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The first Persian diet program for you!

Did you ever care? Several times to achieve fitness, decided to follow a diet for a while. But when we are hungry, it's so hard to get the best meal choice, and that was in that moment that we go into the refrigerator and began to sweep the fridge !!

But we created a program that simply solves that problem;

How the program works:

After starting the program, a notification (or just prompt) appears on status bar as "What to eat today?"

When you first click this button and shaking was a form to complete it (height, weight, age and gender) so that next times knows you;

After that, every time you click on this option according to the day and time for your body's meal was offered!

It's as simple and so delicious ☺

Browsing (!) On app features:

"Ultra-simple, yet functional style!

"Your only constant and safe.

"Your body index (bmi) and adjust your diet for immediate (on-site)

(The mention serves Friends: At first it was built for personal use, since this was good for ourselves, we decided to share the enjoying of health and fitness with your loved ones. It's only a small cost your support we got from there to other thoughts and our innovation as well during the next program we offer to yours.)

Please send feedback and problems to email.

thank you.

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