Secrets of Slimming

Secrets of Slimming

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We've been collecting and summarizing books for fitness and weight loss for several months.

By installing this software so that you have a summary of all the modules in your phone and just open and study the app

Summary and Practical Content:

21 ways to lose weight for the lazy !!!

Quick slimming with 5 techniques you don't know

12 Slimming Ways That Specialists Don't Tell You !!!

The secret of slimming Japanese

14 Fitness Secrets

Misconceptions about weight loss

15 Edible Slimming Belly

And dozens of other useful content ...

Listed sources:

The Book of Diet and Fitness by Katayoun

Weight loss book by Reza Zafarani

The Book of the End of the Myth of Calories by Anel Aslanian

Slimming book banned by Behnam Parian

The Book of How to Get Lean on Time by Abraham Rajabzadeh

Obesity book by Nasir Dehghani

Obesity book banned by Behnam Parian

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