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In the name of Allah

The renewal of the covenant with the Imam of Time (AS) has rewarded and valuable works for believers, which refer to three things:

 First, it is in the rewards and rewards that you are present in their service and have obeyed and blessed with what they have said.

 Second: that the renewal of the promise proves perfection, sincerity and faith.

 Third: That leads to special attention and opinion of the Prophet regarding the servant.

 The late Allameh Majlesi narrates the prayer of the covenant in his two books of Imam Sadiq (AS) and refers to the reader of this prayer before sending the text of prayer to him.
 "Anyone who reads the forty days of this covenant is our beloved companion, and if, before his advent, he will die, God will bring him out of the grave to serve His prophet, and give his respect to each word of that thousand good, And he will blot out a thousand sins, and this is the prayer of the covenant: Allah, peace be upon you ... "

 Rabbani scholars, following this hadith, have read this prayer in their devotional service and every morning they are chastised for their prayers in the morning. As Imam Khomeini was, this way, and at the end of his noble life, he arranged for one of his relatives: "In the morning, try to read this prayer" prayer of the covenant "as it intervenes in the fate (eventually goodness)."

When is the best time to read the prayer of the covenant? Is it necessary to read it for forty days in succession?

The result is that this prayer should be read in the morning and the best time is after the morning prayer, and in the morning, from the legal point of view, from the rising of the true fajr until the rising of the sun. But the mystics also include up to one or two hours of sunset. The story of the reading is consecutive and sequential in forty Sabah. Reading this prayer is entirely mustahab.

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