Pests of trees

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About the application

In the agriculture sector, the limiting factors cause severe damage to products and orchards, one of the most important of which is pests. Because pests are abundant in nature and there are many different species and species, remembering and recognizing them is an extremely difficult task. For this reason, we have explored the guidance of the most important pests in gardens and parks that hurt the fertile and non-productive trees to guide gardeners and students of agricultural disciplines and thus easily meet the needs. Find yourself in the pest and find the best ways to fight it.
In the preparation of the material, the software has tried to collect the best and most complete records of each pest (in the first version, more than 100 pests examined) and with your pictures. It's safe to say that you will not find any examples in this vast and complete way on the entire web. The most important thing is the continuous updating of the software, which will add to the set of new pests at each stage. It is obvious that this program is a guide for recognition and learning, and the advice of agricultural experts in agriculture is desirable because of the recognition and familiarity with the characteristics of the region. Therefore, always refer to the promotion centers or agricultural Jihad for your area for consultation.


A. Promotional brochures of the Agricultural Jihad and the Plant Protection Plant of the country
B - Internet sites


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