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1. General Rules 2. Rules of Criminal Procedure Law 3. 4. 5. financial and business registration laws 6-Insurance 7-law, administrative law, international law 8. 9. Rules and Regulations Arzy10-laws-laws Zyst11 water and sewage environment junior high shipping 12-rules driving force laws economic and financial Affairs 15 14 13 oil-laws-laws, the laws of culture youth and Sports 16. 17. laws of industry, mine and trade of Agriculture 19- 18-rules rules of the road Sazy20- city, rules of Cooperatives, Labour and social welfare Education law 21. 22. 23. laws of the atomic energy organization of securities market law 24. law of Defence and armed forces Logistics 25 medical and health-laws Vdarvyy 26-constitutions of countries 27-vote Supreme Court precedent Kshvr28-theory Mshvrty29-series 30-port electronic services Qzayy31-search legal Notice Vkla32-Union center for the latest legal news and Qzayy33-Latest News-Latest News Vkla34 new rules Altsvyb35-sample legal documents (contracts and complete set ...) 36-bank judicial decisions



Changes in version 15 of the Code of Justice

1-Improve the interface and change the appearance of the application

2. Increase of the Supreme Court's unity of justice and advisory opinions of the General Directorate of the Judiciary

3. Added 63 Laws and Letters of 1397


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