ValedChap (Online Photo Printing)

ValedChap (Online Photo Printing)

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Easily print with the ValedChap app!

Valed's Photographer is the first and the largest online photo printing service in the north of the country. With this app, send your photos to your taste easy and online to print and deliver your home or in person from the place of photography.

What can I do with the ValedChap app?

Ordering the printing of a large number of remotely uploaded photos without inconveniences and at a much higher rate than other posting methods such as emails.

View the latest price for different print sizes and chassis frame.

Why is the parent company?

More than 25 years of experience in the field of printing with the use of female specialist forces

A dedicated print shop with advanced printing equipment

Semi-automatic printing with minimum manual operation

The rate is much higher than the usual sending methods

Variety of sizes and prints

100% quality guarantee

Customer telephony support

Note All photos are uploaded to the original quality to be printed at the best quality.

Address: Sari, Islamic Republic Street

Phone: 01133607641

Manage: 09111519954

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